Functionality – Q&A

What file types are supported by VitroCAD?

You can use VitroCAD with any file type including the popular DWG, DGN, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, DOC, TXT, EML, and even video files.

Where does VitroCAD store original
documents and drawings?

All of the company’s project metadata is stored in MS SharePoint and MS SQL Server. We usually recommend configuring SQL to store only file references in order to save disk space. The data itself is located in the company’s secure data storage system and can only be accessed by users via SharePoint.

Can I search inside a drawing?

VitroCAD can read text inside file attributes and properties, as well as in different layers. It can even read text directly from a drawing if the file name and location are provided. You can work with these search results as normal using Windows Explorer – open files, rename them, or send them for approval. You can also save your search for future use.

How can I see who has made changes to
a document?

With VitroCAD you have access to full document revision history and control. This includes the username, time, and nature of the changes. You can view all previous versions of a document, restore them, send them for approval, or delete them – provided you have sufficient rights.

Are external references supported?

VitroCAD fully supports external references, which can be worked with by using the drag-and-drop method in Windows Explorer. If VitroCAD finds a bad reference, it provides a friendly user interface to make
the correction.

For more information, please see our Tutorial.

Can I preview a document directly
from VitroCAD?

With the help of the preview tab you can have a quick look inside the document, change the layers, and scale it as you need.

How does VitroCAD work with database

VitroCAD can automatically acquire database properties from CAD title blocks and revisions. It can also acquire attribute
data and different border templates, and allow for automatic time stamping.
You can apply this to one specific file or to every sheet.

Can i be notified of changes to a
file’s Xrefs?

You’ll receive an email notification if an Xref is changed. Messages are sent as soon as a new version is saved. In addition, all files mentioned in external references will be updated when synchronising a master document. The file status icon will also show that the file has been modified.

Can I use AutoCAD features if I
insert an external reference with VitroCAD?

External reference mechanisms are fully supported.
After inserting an external reference with VitroCAD, you can use all of AutoCAD’s features: cutting, editing layer properties, modifying, deleting and uploading.

Are multi-layer files supported?

VitroCAD doesn’t have any restrictions on the number of layers.

Can I generate reports in VitroCAD?

VitroCAD reports are based on MS SQL Server Reporting Services, offering the most powerful and easy-to-use report
generating system available.

A number of built-in report templates are provided; these usually cover 95% of a company’s needs.

Customised report templates can be ordered at a reasonable price, or you may choose to use one of the many 3rd party reporting systems.

Does VitroCAD have built-in workflow?

VitroCAD has three standard built-in workflow processes: direct approval, parallel approval, and sequential approval. As VitroCAD is built on the SharePoint platform, you can use any of SharePoint’s workflows.

Can I use enhanced workflow systems?

You can expand a workflow process or visualise it within VitroCAD Process Manager or any SharePoint-based 3rd party workflow and collaboration software.