General Q & A

How are VitroCAD products licensed?

The server-based component of VitroCAD is free. Our licenses are not tied to particular user identities.

You should already have Microsoft SharePoint installed on your company’s machines. You can use the free version, SharePoint Foundation.

Are your licenses competitive?

We have both types and it up to the customer to choose, which type of licensing would work better.

VitroCAD licenses are supplied for a specified number of users, but are not tied to particular user identities. You can share your licence with any users you choose, provided the licence’s limit is not exceeded.

Do you have an on-premises version?

VitroCAD is available on-premises, in the local cloud, or through a secure cloud service such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. The current on-premises version is VitroCAD R22.

What sort of user interface does VitroCAD

Users have three ways to work with data.
The first and most powerful way is to work via Portal using Internet Explorer or any other browser. The second and more convenient way is to work with AutoCAD plug-ins. The final and most popular way is to use Windows Explorer.
This allows VitroCAD users to work with documents and drawings through a very an already interface.

What updates are included in the
annual support?

New releases are available once a year. Between these two releases, patches and updates are provided to address bugs and make improvements.

Do you have any webinars about VitroCAD’s

Webinars are offered on a monthly basis. To find out where to view a webinar, please see the announcements section on our website’s homepage.

How can I test a VitroCAD system?

We offer two options for proof of concept:
– For an on-premises solution you can download a pre-configured virtual machine complete with VitroCAD, MS Server, MS SharePoint, and MS SQL Server.
– You can also use our online server on the VitroCAD website. You need only install the client part of the program.
To gain access to these resources, please send us a request via the contact form.

Do you have a VitroCAD tutorial?

Yes, it is available on the company’s website under the heading ‘Tutorial Tour’.

Are you looking for distribution
partners for vitrocad sales?

VitroCAD is sold through its network of partners.
We are currently looking to extend our network worldwide, and are therefore seeking for new partners. To become a certified partner and get all of the benefits of our Partner Program, please contact us through the contact form.

What installation support do you

VitroCAD provides remote supervision. The savings this creates are passed on directly to our customers. On-site engineer support is also available across Europe, and is invoiced per day. To find out more about terms and pricing, please send us a request via the contact form.

Which features make VitroCAD unique?

When choosing a system for managing engineering data, you may want to bear in mind following outstanding features of VitroCAD:
– Supports all old versions of AutoCAD from 2004 onwards, as well as BricsCAD, ArchiCAD and a number of CAD systems from other manufacturers.
– Based on MS SharePoint, and supports all platform features.
– Integrates transparently with Windows Explorer, and has plug-ins for all major CAD software.
– Complies with industry standards such as BS 1192, US NSC5, ISO 16792, and GOST 21.101.
– Very competitively priced in both licensing and support.