CAD and BIM Data Management and Collaboration Solution

Integration and Plug-ins — Q&A

Are AutoCAD plug-ins available?

VitroCAD has plug-ins for AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, and Civil 3D. We also support BricsCAD and ArchiCAD, among others.

Do you support older versions of AutoCAD?

Yes, VitroCAD supports all AutoCAD versions from 2004 onwards.

What functionality does the AutoCAD plug-in provide?

With the VitroCAD plug-in you can add a new document into the system, check documents in or out, insert external references, or perform other such tasks. For more information, please see our Tutorial.

Can i work with Microsoft office documents?

VitroCAD is fully integrated with MS Office, and has plug-ins for MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Access.

What about working in Windows File Explorer?

VitroCAD is fully integrated with Windows Explorer, which provides its users with a familiar and easy-to-use interface. Users have access to full external reference support while using Windows Explorer. For example, when using the ‘Save As’ function, VitroCAD analyses the file’s external references and allows the user to save the file together with all related external references.

Is AutoCAD LT integration available?

AutoCAD LT is a budget version with reduced capabilities that doesn’t support customisation with Lisp, ARX or VBA. There are therefore no plug-ins for AutoCAD LT available. Collaboration is possible, however: VitroCAD fully supports DWG files produced in AutoCAD LT, and users can work with them in Windows Explorer.