CAD and BIM Data Management and Collaboration Solution

Technical Q&A

Can I use a toolbar instead of a menu?

A toolbar is provided for AutoCAD plug-ins by default.

The most convenient way to access VitroCAD functions is to right click in Windows Explorer. If you prefer, however, you can add a toolbar yourself using our API.

Can I edit websites, project and document templates?

MS SharePoint administrators can edit any templates. Users cannot change these policies. It is important not to remove objects that have been added by developers, because they are needed for new features to work.

Can I use my existing version of Microsoft SharePointfor VitroCAD?

Yes, VitroCAD runs on any version of MS SharePoint including even the Foundation version.

Does VitroCAD work with Microsoft search server 2010 express?

Yes, VitroCAD works smoothly with Microsoft Search Server 2010 Express. We recommend this free software to our customers.

How scalable is VitroCAD, and can we expect installation problems?

VitroCAD is based on MS SharePoint, which prevents there being any issues with installation and scalability. A single MS SharePoint 2010 installation can support more than 80,000 users and 20,000 customers, with terabytes of data on up to 100 servers. You can find out more about its capabilities on the Microsoft website.

We have over 15tb of technical data. How can we organise the repository to ensure the system runs stably?

This question concerns the capabilities of SharePoint, rather than VitroCAD. Microsoft advises that SharePoint databases can support up to 4 TB per content database. For stable work it is very important to make regular backups. We recommend creating backups with the aid of a Microsoft service called System Center Data Protection Manager. This is a powerful service that allows you to avoid the problems with backing up a database of any size. 

How does the transfer of a file from an existing database to VitroCAD work?

Standard metadata is transferred via MS SQL Server. The file body is moved using Windows Explorer, which is integrated with VitroCAD.