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How to organize repository for CAD drawings

VitroCAD repository and structural elements: Site, Library and Project.

User roles and System interfaces

This movie describes 3 basic user roles during working with VitroCAD and available system interfaces – Web portal, Windows Explorer plug-in and CAD applications plug-ins.

VitroCAD – Windows plug-ins

This movie shows VitroCAD integration with Microsoft Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office. VitroCAD plug-ins for MS Windows Explorer and MS Windows Office features allows designers work with drawing in a most familiar interface.

VitroCAD files synchronization and version control

The movie covers file synchronization, version control, a creation of a local copy and files check in or out procedure from a repository.

Creating Projects from Vitro-templates

This video tutorial on how to create a new Project, fill a Library card and organize a project folders structure with the help of templates.

VitroCAD plug-ins for CAD applications

This movie shows VitroCAD plug-ins for major CAD applications and their main features as open, add a document to the repository, files check in / out, Xref insertion and update, drawing attribute synchronization and creation of a workflow process.

Vitro-CAD Xref (external references) support

This movie shows how VitroCAD supports external references or Xref.

Attribute synchronization

This movie is about VitroCAD attribute synchronization function from drawings. It shows how to receive title block data from a different system locations such as xml files, project data, division and files attributes.

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