VitroCAD Plug-in Features

VitroCAD has been integrated with AutoCAD since its 2004 version. Plug-ins are available for AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Inventor, and AutoCAD REVIT. VitroCAD supports Inventor specific features such as assembly and components, and operates with them as external references. We support NANOCAD, ZWCAD, BricsCAD, ArchiCAD, and many more.


Users can start the approval process directly in a CAD application, without leaving their work until the drawing is completed. This dramatically reduces design time and saves designers’ energy. VitroCAD supports a number of workflow processes – for more information please refer to the ‘Workflow’ page.


VitroCAD version control is of critical importance, as it keeps all of the company’s drawing and engineering documents in order. From a user’s point of view it saves time and effort, and prevents users from working on the wrong version of a file.
When working as part of a mentor/ trainee relationship in a document library, VitroCAD version control checks that related files are linked to the correct version of the edited document.


VitroCAD automatically extracts attributes from CAD drawing and engineering documents, even including documents with multiple layers or layouts. VitroCAD can, for example eliminate the need to manually apply data stamps by extracting attributes from multiple layouts of a drawing or a whole sheet set. VitroCAD automatically acquires database properties from CAD application title blocks and revisions, as well as attribute data from many different border templates.


VitroCAD plug-ins allow users to work directly with external references: finding, inserting, editing and updating them as needed.


With the help of VitroCAD, users can locate and re-use drawings or design documents. Users can also insert X-refs, images and layers into a drawing. You can copy, save and rename a completed sheet – including all related files.