VitroCAD Workflows and Team Collaboration

Workflows types

VitroCAD has three basic built-in workflow processes: direct approval, parallel approval, and sequential approval. To enhance your workflow experience you can use VitroCAD Process Manager or the standard built-in VitroCAD available on the SharePoint platform, you can use any of SharePoint’s workflows.

If you need to expand your workflow or visualize it in VitroCAD Process Manager, we support any SharePoint based third-party workflow and collaboration software.


VitroCAD’s integrated workflow allows companies to automate engineering document changes or business processes of any level of complexity. This enables secure and effective project management. Allowing users to get started quickly and create, manage and update documents.
Most of our customers have already designed and implemented their own document structures. They can use VitroCAD to integrate Engineering Document Management into their existing workflow culture.


Since Microsoft first brought SharePoint to the market in 2001, it has become the industry standard for workflow automation. A great number of companies choose SharePoint as their office document management solution. VitroCAD allows companies to save this yearly cost and organically integrate their engineering division into rest of the company’s document management culture. VitroCAD fully supports all SharePoint-based third-party software for workflow creation and visualization. We focus all our efforts on engineering data management, to provide you with the highest standards of reliability and efficiency. As you would expect, VitroCAD also supports all aspects of SharePoint Designer workflow.