VitroCAD provides full range of servises starting from software deployment and system health check followed by customer data loading and system configuration. 


  • Hardware and software audits
  • MS Windows, SharePoint, VitroCAD Software remote installation 
  • VitroCAD components deployment, basic setup and configuration
  • System administration and health check


  • Implementation plan, client applications and plug-ins
  • Transfer and initial data settings
  • Setup and configuration
  • Attributes synchronization
  • Testing and pre-production report
  • Technical support


  • Deployment strategy and data repository
  • Project and document classification
  • Document approval workflow


  • VitroCAD administrators
  • VitroCAD project managers
  • VitroCAD users
  • Training program and certification for partners:

  • Sales managers
  • Implementation specialists
  • System administrators

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